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Definitive are a leading provider in innovative network solutions to businesses in the South of Wales and South West of England. We design, install and manage networks for a range of customers across a variety of sectors including: Construction, Call Centres, Motor Dealerships, Estate Agents, Transport, Warehousing and more.

We believe in delivering simple, reliable and cost effective managed IT solutions that work in the background so you can focus on your core business.

As your business begins to make more use of Cloud products and services, the Definitive team will be on hand to ensure you have a reliable and speedy network to ensure smooth and reliable connectivity at all times. Our managed network services are built on many years experience of building rock-solid network infrastructure for businesses like yours.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve connectivity for our customers, helping you to be more efficient. We are experts in extending networks – within a building, across a road, a town or even a country – whatever your business needs for maximum productivity.

We can install and support a wide range of network technologies, both fixed and wireless, so you get exactly the right technical solution for your specific needs keeping you productive around the clock for manageable monthly fee.

At Definitive, we believe in delivering simple, reliable and cost effective IT solutions that work seamlessly in the background to deliver true business benefits. We supply fully managed services so you can benefit from all the functions and features without any of the usual IT headaches.

We supply, install, manage and support a broad range of technical services, providing all of the equipment and expertise your business needs to get started. Definitive can help you with fully managed solutions that cover:

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Just like our name, we supply definitive solutions that match all of your needs perfectly. If you need a technology partner in South Wales or the South West England who shares your passion and enthusiasm for success, then look no further.

To learn more about how Definitive can provide the managed network and computing services your business needs to succeed, please get in touch.

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